Demos & Samples

Here you’ll find my demos and samples of a few projects I have worked on.
If it sounds like I might be able to help you, please feel free to contact me.

Video Sample Reel 2020

Animation & Video Game

Character Sample Reel

A polished sampling of my character voices.
Same character samples with just the raw track of voice only.

Commercial VO

Commercial Demo

Commercial demo, produced by Richard Tatum.

Nottingham Festival (regional radio commercial)

One of the various L.A. Regional radio commercials for which I’ve provided VO.

Corporate Presentation/ Instructional/ Narration

Walton De-Ice “Ice Quake” System

Provided for the introduction of Walton De-Ice’s Ice Quake system, audio still in use on their site as of 2021

Singing (Baritone)

From “River Driver’s Lament

A portion of one of the songs from my album, “Willie & Friends”.

DW “is professional, responsive, able to use his talent to truly enrich our games as his voice has a universally appealing tone, while succeeding in giving each of the roles their distinct sound and character.”

Jo Karajanov

Jovian Audio / Mad Head Games