DW McCann

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Welcome to my slice of the internet!

A bit about me: Born in Los Angeles County, I excelled in telling stories that caught people’s attention. Even as a child, I was often the narrator or MC as I have never been shy on stage. My first performance outside of school was in a small theater singing the works of Kelmar and Ruby, including a few Marx Brothers bits as Zeppo, and I was hooked.

Uncertain if this could really earn a living, I still enrolled at Occidental College and studied Theater Arts, including writing, musical theater, and the works of Shakespeare. After graduation, I moved around California and worked for restaurants and non-profit companies, jobs that were less and less creative. I even worked for almost two decades in the tech support field, all while finding ways to perform on the side. This string of more repetitive jobs fed a strong desire to pursue more creative outlets.

I have performed at multiple theme parks and on many stages, given voice to some video games and animation, and worked on movies and TV shows. I finally decided start focusing on voice acting classes and eventually left my office job in 2014 to become a full-time entertainer.

Inspired by Tom Hanks, Shakespeare, and especially my creative friends, wanting to create is what made me want to become an entertainer. From helping to bring characters in animation and video games to life with my voice to writing comedic short versions of Shakespeare’s Tragedies that make the works a little more accessible to those not as familiar, from managing haunted houses for Playboy, Maxim, and Warner Bros. to singing music ranging from Celtic folk to madrigals to opera with several groups, I feel complete when helping create entertainment. Currently, I am working with Shelby Bond on the second season of a new type of live, immersive ghost story and with Jake Villadolid on a pilot for our comedic series.

It’s no wonder that clients like Mad Head Games, Hi Rez Studios, and Deck Nine/Square Enix have noted that I add believability to the words they give me. They have been kind enough to mention that to work with me is a pleasure (and the feeling has been mutual). At the end of the day, I’m the type of guy who dives ferociously into every role and every opportunity. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

~DW McCann