Thank you for visiting my site, I have been performing in one way or another most of my life. In my very early years, I was often the narrator or MC as I have never been shy on stage, even as a child. My first professional performance was in a small theater singing the works of Kelmar and Ruby, including a few Marx Brothers bits as Zeppo, and I was hooked. I have entertained at multiple theme parks, performed on many stages, given voice to some video games and animation, and worked on movies and TV shows. I have a love and respect for the works of William Shakespeare that has inspired me along the way; founding and directing an acting group (the Crescent Troupe) as well as co-founding an improvisational duo, The Two Players of Verona, with Phil Dunbridge. Among the stage shows I have written, I am most proud of my comedic short versions of Shakespeare’s Tragedies that made the works a little more accessible to those not as familiar. And I even released a CD of Celtic Folk music and have sung with several groups music ranging from folk to madrigals to opera. I am always looking for the next way to reach an audience and touch their hearts. Thank you again for your interest in me and my site. Please feel free to contact me if there is a way I can help you on a project.

~DW McCann